about us

Our Company

Edge Of Universe stands itself as a well-established and reliable local travel & tours service company providing friendly and value added services which specifically concentrate on delighting customers by understanding their needs and wants. Since launching in early 2016, the company has been remarkably moving forward with a group of enthusiastic team who has professional expertise in Hospitality and Tourism industry. As Edge Of Universe Travel values customers time and expectations, we promise to deliver unique, comfortable, enjoyable and memorable travel experiences in Myanmar through the effective use of time and travel costs from beginning of journey to the end.

Our Vision

Edge Of Universe seeks to differentiate services for maintaining customers loyalty and satisfaction in a competitive travel and tourism market. The company intends to practice customer-oriented approach which fulfills the individual customer’s requirements.

Our Mission

Edge Of Universe seeks effective and efficient marketing strategies to be able to meet customers’ demands. The company’s mission is to achieve success and retain good reputation in tourism industry by constructing better relationships with clients and connecting business partners.

Legal in Myanmar

Edge Of Universe Travel & Tours Company is legally registered under “Directorate Of Investment and Company Administration” Myanmar government office and achieved official Tour Operation License in recognition by “Ministry Of Hotel & Tourism” Myanmar.

Our Team

All of our team members are well trained specialists to nurture customer oriented services, to guide you with oriented services, and to connect with regional tour operators to strengthen your mind and experience. Easy and smooth customer care on call service is now added to serve you in a couple of minutes, call 24/7 to stay tune with us.

Safety On Trip

We all arrange our destinations are safe to our traveller and trip managed by our company is legally allowed areas to travel by Ministry Of Hotel & Tourism Myanmar. Beside Myanmar is very safe and peaceful nation, the government also provided Tourist Police team to take care of not only for citizens but also tourists and foreigners. The Ministry Of Hotel & Tourism has good communication with us and we always check with them for better safety for our traveller’s satisfy on-trip experience. We are always take care for our traveler’s safety and excellent on trip experience while travelling with us by assuring quick action taken upon any unpleasant situations. All of our regional tour operators and guides are skillful enough to carry out your safety measures if necessarily since we have been trained safety program, emergency rescue program and procurement program etc.


High level responsibility and its assets by Edge Of Universe (EOU) native Edge Of Universe focus the critical assets for potential benefits of our clients, good impact on the environment while travelling with us and mutual economic and social benefits between our clients and environment.

We grantee safe and quality travelling experience of our clients. To say so, our promise to avoid any damage to our clients. Example: assuring our clients not allow to go any restricted places, good conditions vehicles offered by us etc. We set high value to our administration management for your excellent travelling moments. This include arranging your favourite schedule, planning effectively the sequence of places and time in coordination with your favourite, training our team to understand details and good insights of the places in package. And our environmentally friendly.

We enhance your willingness to the environment as well. With support of us, we well get rounded picture of trips and the culture of the locals you going to keep in touch. By some means you can share your positive experience you achieve to the media, or your surroundings so as to increase the popularity of the nature of the place and culture of the locals. Then, we make sure there will be culture knowledge exchange between you and the locals and so called target on mutual economic and social benefits for your good travelling experience.

We not only preserve the standard of environment but also give charity to the society. We believe that we so close depending on the environment and the locals living in and this become our responsibility to preserve and contribute. By maintain the beauty of nature and contribution of our charity group, we can offer good quality products to our clients.